With an extensive range of expertise in hand laid asphalt we have built an ongoing professional relationship with many of our commercial clientele. We offer scheduled annual or bi annual maintenance reports on the state of asphalt and bitumen surfaces in loading docks, shopping centre car parks, play grounds, unit complexes, housing estates, hospitals, aged care facilities and more. We also specialize in the installation of asphalt speed humps, reinstating damaged asphalt, repairing sink holes around damaged pipes and drains and the removal of trip hazards.

 Over the years we have built an ongoing relationship with local plumbers, electricians and builders carrying out trench reinstatements from the Gold Coast to the Northern Rivers. We have also been very successful pricing many asphalt repairs for maintenance companies and shopping centres both large and small. We are always happy to talk to Strata committees and answer any of their queries or help explain our intended repairs in a very easy to understand format.

 Our quotes are free and our attitude is ‘we are consumers too’. So we do our absolute best to take into consideration every possible option to carry out the repair required and weigh up the best and most cost effective way to complete the task.